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I'm Jeremy Freeze

I'm a creative designer I'm a dedicated freelancer I'm an inventive developer

About Me

I have a tattoo of the word Helvetica in Comic Sans, and I enjoy making the world a less poorly designed place. When I'm not designing, I chauffeur dogs across the country and build two-stroke mopeds and motorcycles.

  • Name: Jeremy Freeze
  • Phone: 815.985.8723
  • Date of birth: January 19 1992
  • State of Origin: Illinois
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Graphic Design

Graphic Design has and will always be my first love. Creating artwork and developing a process to convey a certain message is what keeps me going every day.

Web Design & Development

In the day in age that we currently live in, It is 100% important to have a responsive website, that works on any device, for any type of business or service. I can make that happen.

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design and Responsive Design go hand in hand. For those who are unfamiliar, UX/UI is creating designs based of how the user will be interacting with the interface.

Digital Illustration

Digital Illustration is something I've been working on more lately. Creating artwork that makes people say "WOW" is one of the rewarding feelings out there.


A business's brand and identity is the most important piece of their image. Without a killer brand, your company will get lost in a crowd of millions of businesses.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing and advertising is growing rapidly and will continue to as technology advances. I can assist with a social media presence creating assets that get results.

Graphic Design

Expert, 5 years

Web Design

Proficient, 2 years


Expert, 5 years

Social Media

Advanced, 3 years






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Woodstock, IL
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